2018 Haul-Out Information & Forms

Winterize your boat with Pikes Bay!

Fall Greetings!

Haul-out Schedule

We will begin hauling boats after Labor Day, and all boats must be available for haul-out by Monday, October 9th or sooner. Be aware that the haul-out date will affect your launch date, (i.e., first out, last in). Also, boats can only be placed in the storage building in a particular order. As we have limited space, we may need to haul boats at our discretion to get them set in storage, winterized and covered before the snow flies. Please have your holding and water tanks empty, your fuel tanks 7/8 full.

Remove all items that may invite theft or attract rodents such as electronic equipment, clothing, food, liquids and other perishable items, as it is recommended that your boat remain unlocked while in storage. Pikes Bay Marina will not be responsible for damage to clear vinyl windows during cold weather storage; it is advisable to take vinyl windows, canvas, sails and upholstery home during the winter months.

Additional Items

Bikes and personal items in the Pikes Bay lockers need to be removed for the winter. Bikes that are not labeled will be donated to our local bike program. Items left behind will be removed or a storage & labor fee will be charged.

Sailboat Decommissioning

This service includes un-stepping the mast, mast moving and storage, with removal of sails and canvas. Each service item will be billed separately. Storage of masts and sails are an additional fee.


If your cradle is determined to be unsafe by PBM, we reserve the right to use jack stands in addition to, or in place of your cradle. Seasonal jack stand rental is $280. If you would like Pikes Bay Marina to refurbish your cradle, please contact Melissa in Service.

Donate Can Goods

If you are not planning to take those leftover canned goods home, a donation box is located outside the ship store. These leftovers will be donated to the local Food Bank.

Do–It–Yourself Customer Work Permits

As part of our Clean Marina Initiative, it is essential that all Do It Yourself maintenance or projects meet our Best Management Practices. Before any project can be undertaken, YOU MUST FILL OUT A WORK PERMIT REQUEST FORM.

You will be asked to briefly outline the project, list what tools, products or chemicals will be used and how you will contain and collect any dust or hazardous materials. This permit is required for all maintenance projects on boats in slips or storage (inside or outside) at PBM. The work permit form is available service@pikesbaymarina.com

Here are some guidelines for you to follow, for a smooth Haul-Out at Pikes Bay Marina:

  • Your Boat needs to be ready by October 8th for Haul Out.
  • Note: We would gladly haul your boat out earlier in September
  • Fill out & Return Haul Out Form, by 9.7.18 (even if you don’t require services)
  • (When you select your haul-out date, first out, is last in; last out, is first in)

  • Fill out & Return Shrink Wrap/Cover Forms by 9.7.18 – if needed

Before leaving your boat for the last time:

  • Personal Power Cords & Hoses are labeled (Labels are available at the Ship Store)
  • Please put your personal water hoses on board your boat (Or they may be lost over the winter)
  • Please remove bikes and any personal items including the Pikes Bay Lockers.

Dock Boxes

  • Lock or latch the lid of your dock box (Winter winds can blow tops off the dock boxes).

Final Pump-out Stickers

  • A Final Pump Out sticker needs to be on your Pump – Out Cap (This way the PBM service crew knows the tank is empty).

If the service crew has to pump-out at the time of haul-out, there will be an additional $75 service fee.

Dinghy Haul-Out

  • Make sure your dinghy & motor are labeled. (Tags are available in the Ship Store)
    If you would like the PBM service crew to haul-out and store your dinghy, please indicate on the Haul-out form. If your dinghy is on your bow, there is no additional storage fee.

If PBM service puts your dingy on your bow, it is a $50 fee.

Download your 2018 haul-out forms below:

Download Your 2018 Haul Out Checklist Here Download Your Shrink Wrap Request Form Here