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Pikes Bay Marina Receives Wisconsin Clean Marina Certification

In June, 2011, Pikes Bay became certified as one of the first three registered Clean Marinas on Lake Superior and one of the first 17 in the state of Wisconsin. When asked, Steve Linton, General Manager of Pikes Bay commented, “It was just the right thing to do. There are not many areas in this country today that can claim clean and clear water within the boundaries of their marinas. The Apostle Islands are a very special place, and Pikes Bay Marina is a very special place. We want to keep it that way for today’s boaters and for all future boating generations.”

The Wisconsin Clean Marina Program provides guidance and education that enable marina and boatyard operators to protect the resources that sustain their livelihood — clean water, clean air, and healthy fish and wildlife communities. These natural assets are essential features of the boating industry. Boaters want to ply clean waters, catch and eat healthy fish and enjoy water sports without fear of water-borne diseases.

The maintenance, operation, and storage of recreational vessels have the potential to release pollutants to lakes and rivers. The Wisconsin Clean Marina Program promotes and celebrates voluntary adoption of measures to reduce pollution from marinas, boatyards and recreational boats. The purpose is to ensure clean water and protect fish and wildlife. 

Participating marinas and boatyards benefit in many ways, including cost savings from reduced hazardous waste disposal, fewer pollutant clean-ups, and lower insurance rates. Through improved understanding of and voluntary compliance with environmental regulations, you lessen the potential for violations and fines. 

Clean Boater Tip Sheets

Recreational boaters play a vital role in assisting marinas’ implementation of the Wisconsin Clean Marina Program. Just like the marinas, there are a number of Best Management Practices (BMPs) boaters can adopt to protect water quality and aquatic resources.

Check out this series of Clean Boater Tip Sheets and discover these BMPs.


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